PES Detox System

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What’s going on with you?

Why are so many people experiencing health failures? Low energy, depression, poor sleep, allergies, weight problems, digestive issues – what could be wrong?

“The primary cause of disease is the accumulation of unnecessary wastes and poisons”
Dr. Elson Haas, MD

Poisoning the Body

“Unnecessary wastes and poisons” are toxins – manmade chemicals, heavy metals, and excess acidity which are all substances poisonous to the body.
▶ Each day we may be unconsciously introducing poisons into our own bodies, often by habit.
Toxins weaken the body, preventing proper gland and organ functions, absorption of food, and the creation of energy. In addition to inherent weaknesses, this will cause overwhelmed organs to deteriorate faster.

Bio-toxicity is the build-up of toxins in the body tissues causing digestive problems and joint pain.Neurotoxicity refers toxins in your nervous system that cause neurological disorders, such as numbness, headaches, sleep disturbances, depression, and cognitive difficulties.

Toxins and Toxicity

Doctors, scientists, and other healthcare professionals are now realizing toxins are responsible for many underlying health conditions. In fact, they have identified toxicity as the root cause of nearly all illness.

The only solution is to eliminate these toxins, the sooner the better. A PES Detox System will help you reduce heavy metals and acidity levels. Once this has been achieved, the body is able to maintain an alkaline pH and better health.

Reducing Toxicity

“If the problem is toxicity, then by definition, the solution is detoxification”
Dr. Lyn Hanshew, MD



A PES Detox System does what it has been designed to do. Working with the body’s intelligence, it reduces toxicity by reducing excess acid, heavy metals, and toxic substances. It does this safely and in a pleasant manner.

Help Your Body to Rebalance

So how do you know toxicity is reduced?

Confirmation that toxicity has been reduced can be found in the results of laboratory testing:

  • 1. Water – Detailed analysis of pre- and post-session water by laboratories confirmed that excess acid, heavy metals, and toxic substances are being released from the body, often in sizeable quantities.
  • 2. Urine – A medical clinic monitored two of their patients over a series of sessions with a PES Detox System. Urine toxic tests revealed that there was a significant reduction of heavy metals (lead and mercury).
  • 3. Blood – Live and dry blood cell testing confirmed that after the first session, the blood cells were no longer merged together and had begun to flow freely apart.
  • After a series of sessions, the red blood cells now appeared as perfect circles and were totally separate from each other. The test subject’s pH levels moved from a 6 to a 7.5. The dry blood cells showed a reduction in heavy metals.
Bodies need to be clean internally in order to function properly and feel good. Clean bodies feel better, clean cells work better!

PES Technologies – unique design features

High-level features and controls designed into the array ensure safety, quality, reliability, precision, and session integrity.

Power supply – the power supply is hospital-certified internationally.

Electronics – the technologies embedded in the array itself are controlled automatically at a level of precision to ensure safety and quality at all times.

Coil use – the number of uses of the individual array coils is controlled by a counter on the array to ensure that it cannot be used after the optimum effectiveness has expired.

Salt use – no additional salt needs to be added after the session has begun.

All these design features are essential to creating a safe, gentle, and effective detox experience.

Working with the body’s intelligence

Contrary to other methods of detoxification, you are not losing what your body wants to keep, such as vital nutrients.

Your body selects and filters out what is to be exported. This is why and how our technology differs from other detoxification solutions – you are not losing vital nutrients.

“The more I learn about the effect that toxins, from both our environment and lifestyle, have on our bodies, the more I feel the need to get them out of my body and continue to live a disease-free life.”
Client of a practitioner

What are the benefits?

Everyone can benefit from detoxification treatments.
PES Detox Systems clients have experienced:

  • ☑ Improved health including circulation, acid/alkaline balance
  • ☑ Increased metabolism, organ and glandular functioning
  • ☑ Enhanced physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing
  • ☑ Improvement in pollutant-related illness
  • ☑ Maintenance and balance of overall health
  • ☑ Removal of heavy metals from the body (e.g.: lead and mercury)
  • ☑ Stress-reduction
  • ☑ Restoration of normal sleep patterns
  • ☑ Reduction of pain, injury, and trauma
  • ☑ Reduction of acidity levels to benefit organ and cellular functioning

Why Have a Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa Session?

To detoxify the body
Increases sweating – 2,000 eccrine glands in each foot
Increases circulation
Improves alkaline/acid pH balance
Increases metabolism
Increases glandular and organ function
Increases energy levels
Improved health (in all systems of the body)
Improved sense of well-being on all levels (physical, emotional, mental)
Effects last for one to three weeks after the treatment
Recommended for:
All diseases caused by high acidity in the body
Sports and athletic interests (preventive and restorative)
Overall health maintenance and balance
Detoxifying accumulated toxins and heavy metals from the body
Stress – reduction
Sleep disturbances
Decreasing pain, injury, and trauma
Decreasing acidity (which benefits organ and cellular functions)
Potential Clients:
People with health concerns
People living with high levels of stress
People who work in toxic environments
Anyone seeking physical, mental, and emotional improvement
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