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Neurofeedback Helps Families To Become More Healthy And Productive.

You may have heard Neurofeedback referred to as Neurotherapy or any range of other titles including Neurobiofeedback, and Brain Training.

All Neurofeedback is a type of brain training, but not all brain training utilizes EEG brain sensors. In fact, of all the brain training programs, for example brain gyms, brain balancing, brain exercises, Neurofeedback is the only technology that utilizes real-time brain assessment through EEG brain sensors and state of the art amplifiers to provide the brain with instant feedback. Though Neurofeedback techniques vary, it is a safe, non-invasive, proven, and scientific method for training your brain to regulate itself. The power of self-regulation gives the brain the information it needs for the mind and body to properly work together. This allows the brain to make correct adjustments in order to innately balance its own activity.

  • Safe For The Entire Family

  • Natural & Non-invasive

  • Drug Free, No Medications

  • Relax While Training

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