Our Mission:

Our service to God and to our fellowman is working together to achieve a calmer more focused and directed mind and a stronger, more resilient and healthier body.

Front Page Article as Seen in the Examiner, August 30, 2017

Brenda VanFleet RN, BCN, ACNT, CHBP, INHC

Registered Nurse, Certified Neurofeedback Clinician, Advanced Certified NeurOptimal Trainer, Certified Healer’s Blueprint Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Brenda earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Graceland College, now known as Graceland University, in Lamoni, Iowa. Over 40 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings, provided her with a rich background and awareness of current health issues. She has developed her assessment and psycho-social nursing skills through years of direct patient care in various settings; Surgery, Labor and Delivery, Medical/Surgical, School Nursing, Public Health, In-Home Nursing. She has worked closely with Therapists, Social Workers, and other Healthcare Providers.

She has always had an interest in holistic health care, self-improvement and self-regulation skills, and has applied it to her nursing in every role throughout her career. In previous years she and her family have been active participants with DFS in providing an Emergency Foster Home for children in need.

Brenda believes that each person has the opportunity to take an active role in their wellness, health, and wellbeing. When given the appropriate tools many individuals will improve their own outcomes by learning increased self-regulation skills. She desires to help empower them to be the best they can be.

Although her interest in holistic and integrative, functional medicine began with her nursing career, her particular interest in Neurofeedback began with her own family. Her interest and pursuit were furthered when friends came to her asking for help for themselves or loved ones. Under what she believes to be Divine direction and through multiple testimonies, she completed her requirements, earned her International Certification and opened “Directed Minds/Kavanah LLC, Neurofeedback for Life which has expanded into Directed Wellness Center.”


Brenda & Ron VanFleet

Directed Wellness Center
As Directed Minds/Kavanah LLC grew in popularity, Brenda began to find other ways in which she could help others. Recently she added Clearlight Sanctuary® 3 Full Spectrum Infrared Three Person Sauna which uses modern design and contemporary innovation and is the only true Full Spectrum infrared saunas available offering advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. Brenda recently added detoxing foot bath service, essential oils, and other health products. She is continuing her studies in the area of nutrition.

As the environmental stressors such as air, water, and food pollutants increase, and the load on the body becomes harder to withstand, Directed Wellness Center continues to expand and offer safe, proven, non-invasive therapies.

Directed Wellness Center helps you provide your body with a strengthening, wholesome and healing environment.  We recognize that all diseases are the body’s response to dis-ease.

Brenda is an active member of her local church and attributes her ability to help others through Neurofeedback and other services to her God. With a vision to reach out to those desiring healthier, alternative options, the support of her family and friends is invaluable. She finds joy in facilitating the changes people experience through non-invasive, self-regulatory therapies.

Brenda has earned international certification through Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Brenda has graduated from Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program. According to Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN), she has “demonstrated an ability to understand and utilize a wide range of dietary and nutrition theories, as well as develop business and coaching skills to practice in a variety of settings” and has “been trained to educate and guide clients to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition, dietary habits, and physical ability and overall greater health and wellness.”