Directed Wellness Center Testimonials*

Brenda,September 6, 2017

I learned about Brenda Van Fleet when the Chamber did a ribbon cutting at her new store. She talked about the multiple benefits of using the medical device she offers. So, a week later, I decided to try it.

I am now a fan and have brought my sister, wife and kids to see Brenda and have sessions. My sister is now a regular visitor.

I started with going weekly and every time I was done, the swelling in my feet subsided. During Santa-Cali-Gon, I went every day for 6 straight days. The therapy truly gave me more energy. After Saturday and a 15-hour day at SCG, I was wasted on Sunday and hanging on. Very lethargic. I went to Brenda, and I immediately felt energized, normal and ready to go again.

Thank you Brenda for providing this healthy choice to me and others.

~ Hap Graff
President & Chief Executive Officer, Independence Chamber of Commerce

Brenda,December 30, 2016

I want to thank you for helping my Mom through the neurofeedback sessions and giving our family more time to be with her. Dementia/Alzheimer’s is such a cruel disorder. Less than a year ago, she was having more and more difficulty to remember names of close family members, being around even small groups of people, very reluctant to have Dad out of her sight, and reluctant to go anywhere. She would ask the same question repeatedly, like, “Now, where are we going?”

After our Thanksgiving of 2015, we came to the difficult decision that the traditional family get-togethers at our parents’ home would have to end due to the extreme anxiety it would cause her. She was also having difficultly knowing how to eat or even knowing what a fork was. She needed help with dressing and all personal hygiene tasks. Going out to a restaurant was challenging due to the crowd of people, as well as not being able to read a menu or determine what she wanted to order.

Thanks to the neurofeedback sessions, we have seen remarkable changes in Mom’s affect and abilities. We just enjoyed a family Christmas dinner at their home for 28 people! The chaotic scene included 7 children with varying ages from 19 mo. to 13 years. Not only was Mom able to remain calm, but she also talked and laughed with all of us. And even more amazing was her participation in the family tradition of each family member reading a scripture verse of the birth of Christ and singing Christmas hymns! She needed prompting while reading some of the words in her verse, but she eagerly wanted to participate.

Mom is also now able to somewhat engage in conversations and doesn’t ask the repetitive questions. She can do some daily activities, such as putting her clothes on correctly and washing dishes (although she forgets to add dish detergent). My sister and I are now enjoying being able to take her shopping and to restaurants; and with a little help with the menu, SHE decides what she wants. Remembering family names is still a challenge, but being 84 years old, some of that is to be expected. But a few other situations of memory alertness and recall has been amazing. While in a store with Dad recently, she immediately recognized and greeted a lady they had not seen for many years. Even more astonishing was the day my sister and I were helping them prepare for the family dinner. While my Dad, sister and I were struggling with 2 different mechanical difficulties, she was the one who looked at what we were doing and immediately remembered and knew how to resolve them.

There are still challenges like her not being able to cook, tell time or use a phone and is not able to be left alone. She needs some assistance even with picking out appropriate clothes to wear. Her sentences are sometimes incomplete as she tries so hard to get the words out. But when Dad cooks, she is right there beside him helping; when he talks on the phone with us, she joins in the conversation. And, maybe the best part is that she smiles and laughs with us every day. We celebrate even the smallest blessing!

~ Anonymous

I had been under such constant, chronic stress, that I came to the point where I was unable to sleep more than a few minutes at a time. I was falling asleep when I would sit down, and even while working at times. I was exhausted and felt anxious inside most of the time. I was working as an ‘In-Home Nurse,’ trying to go back to school to become a licensed, Certified Neurofeedback Clinician, and trying to fulfill commitments at church and home. It was overwhelming at times. I tried to ignore my exhaustion, deny it, exercise to counteract it, but nothing worked. Nothing was helping me sleep.

I tried sleep supplements, but still I was not sleeping. I would stay up late trying to catch up on work and then crash only to wake up five minutes later hour after hour, night after night. My husband had been telling me that often when I did sleep longer periods, I would have apneic episodes where I would stop breathing. I felt nauseated most of the time as well as exhausted.

Sleep apnea was a real possibility because of genetic tendencies in my family, so I scheduled a sleep study. Two days after seeing the sleep doctor, I received a call to come to his office, the report was… “You need to take Ambien for about a week and get some quality sleep, because you did not sleep long enough periods for us to tell whether you have sleep apnea. Something is waking you up, but we are not sure if it is apneic episodes.”

I did not take the Ambien. I was leaving for a neurofeedback training that weekend, so I determined to see what it would do for me. I tried neurofeedback and after only a few sessions, I was sleeping through the night. By the end of the 4-day training I had had 2 nights of quality sleep, in a hotel, away from home, with all the pressures of intense learning, which was truly a miracle.

I am so thankful for my own personal testimony of neurofeedback and how our brains can change, reorganize and re-balance when given the opportunity. What a truly amazing organ the brain is! Brain training has calmed down my Central Nervous System. I don’t feel the sick, overwhelmed, nauseated, irritable feelings that I frequently fought. I am more at peace with myself and my world. Neurofeedback has been a blessing for me, and my family and I am excited to have the opportunity to share it with others. I thank my God for His abundant blessings!

~ Brenda VanFleet

I recently went through 6 treatments of Chemo. It plays havoc with your body. I found that instead of being able to fall asleep within minutes I had to take a pill to sleep. I am not a pill taker and…hardly ever even remembered to take my multivitamin.

My other issue that was disturbing to me through chemo was my anxiousness. I DID not like that at all. I'm usually pretty laid back and level headed. I found myself getting very anxious over small things that would not have normally been a big deal.

My thinking was foggy and processing seemed to be impossible. I was able to feel more in control and relaxed after my neurofeedback session…

“The sessions seemed so simple I did not know how it could work. But it did. I just sat and looked at pictures and listened to soothing music. That's all, and it worked! So much better than taking prescription pills.”

I would highly recommend trying a neurofeedback session to see if it will help you with any brain issues. What a great option to medicines!

~ P. S., Independence, MO

I have reported on the neurofeedback we have been doing with our 17 year old RAD son…When he came back, the first 3 weeks were very rocky until we started neurofeedback. We are thrilled with the changes, which were almost immediate…

NO angry outbursts, he doesn’t always like what we say, but complies and gets over it, has started practicing his faith, lost his cocky attitude and obsession with name brand clothes and being “cool,” etc.

Can't begin to tell you how thrilling it is to have the “good side” of our Jekyll and Hyde around all the time now.

[Brenda VanFleet] is a nurse and is also an adoptive parent…When neurofeedback helped her child, she decided to start doing it herself. Feel free to contact me for info about our experience…

~ J.E.

I am 90 years old, and I was having a difficult time staying awake in the daytime. Whenever I sat down to read I would fall asleep within about 5 minutes. I started neurofeedback twice a week and quickly felt the results. I now enjoy reading for hours without falling asleep.

~ A.E.

For the past three years my son, second of five kids and now nine, has been very argumentative and defiant. Saying okay was an impossible task. Becoming lethargic was a problem in school. Completing school and homework was a fight everyday and often not completed. If I let him earn iPad, computer time, or a movie with his siblings he was never able to turn it off and be happy. Instead the arguing and fighting increased. Our mother/son/family relationships were suffering.

Through my praying, reading, learning, and search for help, I was led to Brenda. After our first assessment I was elated to know his brain waves were confused as to their roles and it wasn’t me messing up as a mom or my son’s conscious choices.

Today my son is more aware of his behavior. His eyes are alert on school days, we have completed homework to turn in, he is willing to read and often reads on his own now. I am able to reason with him and he calmly accepts earned consequences for his actions. Numerous times after having screen time he happily comments, “See Mom! I just watched a movie and I’m just fine!”

We, as a family, are retraining out interactions with each other and we are progressing forward. Things aren’t perfect but discipling with love is doable. There is a considerable improvement in my son now that his brain waves are all set straight.

~ A. B.

I ​was not acquainted with Neurofeedback and the benefits it provides. I am a person that always researches and questions anything that I do not understand, and so I began my research on Neurofeedback and what it could do to improve my quality of life and help to put things into perspective in my life.

I have some health issues and found myself anxious of what the future held for me and my husband. After my research, I felt that it would or could be helpful and wise to give it a try.

After each session, I felt a wellbeing, a peace, and felt more of a purpose in my life. I kept singing the song, “All is well” and felt that I had a more positive attitude and was thankful for the peace that it brought to me. Brenda is a warm, caring person and is very educated in many fields, from life and the trials it can bring, to her medical background and experience.

Again, I am thankful for the time she spent with me and for her dedication to Neurofeedback and its purposes.

~ C.M.

I am a sixteen­ year ­old girl that suffered trauma from a birth parent and was taken into foster care at age 2. Neurofeedback has allowed me to overcome some of the toughest things that I faced. I had a lot of sensory issues, but now many of them don’t annoy me anymore. I used to get angry and couldn’t let it go for hours or even days. Now, when I get angry, I get over it in a matter of minutes! I am thankful that my parents gave me this opportunity!

~ R.H.

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