Healer’s Blueprint – Testimonials*

April 17, 2022

Client: SE

We are truly thankful for Brenda Van Fleet and the service she provides. It is remarkable that we benefit not only from her knowledge and skill as a technician, but also her deep ability to understand the soul of those she serves.

Brenda helped us a number of years ago when he was going through depression. I called upon her again to assist to bring him out of covid fog that has attacked him for almost four months. Brenda’s techniques are awesome in reaching his innermost being and clearing areas that trouble him and allow healing to take place. We have had about five sessions, two of which were over the phone. The last three have been in the skilled nursing facility with the [BEMER] and the electrodes, and of course, prayer.

This week he received a session which was a combination of the [BEMER] session and the reorganization of brain cells with electrodes placed upon his head and music in his ears. After the session, Brenda watched as I began to attempt to feed my husband. For the last three months, when it is time to eat, he becomes very combative and immediately yells loudly and refuses to eat. I am typically able to force him to eat about 1/3 of his meal, as I refuse to take no for an answer. Brenda worked with him for a period of time while I left the room. When I returned, they had agreed that he would eat 1/2 of his food. That evening, he ate with very little resistance.

The next morning, he ate his entire breakfast with the assistance of a skilled nursing staff member with no resistance. He has been combative during mealtime since I was first able to assist with his care January 16 when he was released from isolation after the attack of covid. He has not eaten breakfast since January, as I do not arrive until lunchtime. He tells the staff, “No” and they are required to stop feeding him. What a blessing that he is now able to get the nutrition he needs at his morning meal.

He has also experienced Sundown Syndrome where he was using profanity and very confused. That has all but ceased.

I am so thankful for Brenda’s techniques, skills, and insights that have tremendously assisted my husband in this recovery. I look forward to restoration of his entire body as he is on the way to total recovery.


Feb 13, 2021


Thank you for taking time out of your day for our visit and discussion. The questions you posed were a cause of deep thought and much consideration. You helped me to gain insight into the why and how I do things. After much reflection, I can see how to better use these insights of my character to the better cause.

Thank you,

Our Cellular Release Therapy sessions with Brenda were very helpful in pinpointing emotions and negative cycles that needed some attention. Sadly, many of us carry trauma from past moments in our life, and we struggle recognizing and working through them. This healing process has been so gentle as we peeled back layers and get to the roots of our issues.

Thank you, Brenda!

Thu, Apr 21, 2022

I learned a lot about myself with Brenda and Healer’s Blueprint. It’s been a 30-year journey. I’m grateful that I was able to release some Negative thoughts about myself and a loving Heavenly Father. I was amazed how are negative thoughts can transfer to our kids and grandkids. I’m going to continue to say Positive affirmations that Brenda helped me with. To trust and know that there’s always peace and grace in Jesus Christ. Brenda, thank you for sharing with me your gift and the Healer’s Blueprint.


Dear Brenda,

I deeply appreciate being introduced to this process-the Healers Blueprint. After a couple of sessions, it is interesting to be able to connect the dots of cause and effect in my overall health. How this system works is still a mystery to me, but it has been a beneficial exploration to give me focus on my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for your efforts to put yet another tool in your toolbox to help others like me become whole in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you again,

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me.

I have been in traditional therapy for some 16 years dealing with the PTSD that I was diagnosed with. During that time I have been on countless medications, to deal with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, nightmares etc. I came off of these at the height of the pandemic, and have struggled to deal with life, and withdrawals alone.

I accepted your offer of help, with I have to admit a sense of both gratitude, and skepticism, as I was not sure if anything was going to help me.

We had initially set aside just 1 hour for you to be with me, and I was very conscious as time went past that allotted time, but you insisted in finishing what you had started, something that I found very reassuring, as I was not going to feel that I had been left dangling at the end of the session, (something that has happened to me before, with some very bad consequences).

You took a whole new path as to what was causing my illness, a path that had been overlooked by others before you, and it did open up a whole new dimension for me, and for that I am grateful.

The one area that has never been touched before, which you latched onto, was my spiritual health. This has turned out to have been a very key part of my recovery, and something that had been overlooked. For this, I thank you. You discovered things, which to be quite honest, I found frightening, and scary, but you walked me through them, and gave me great comfort, a comfort that I carry with me to this day.

Thank you CM

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenda VanFleet using the Healer’s Blueprint multiple times. I have been able to work through many negative energies, cycles, and blocks, many that were hidden, and have been able to begin my healing. I never know what will be revealed each time, but every time leaves me with a better understanding of myself, and each piece of the session fits together like a puzzle, even when we sometimes wonder how it will while in the midst of it. I appreciate her ear and heart for the Holy Spirit and for her efforts to make it a safe place for me, her, and the Holy Spirit to work together for my healing. There is no doubt God is her first priority, and she thrives while helping others.


“Brenda has a divine gift of faith, and of hearing and speaking the truth. She assists healing with wisdom and a careful reverence for God, desiring to remain in accordance to His will. She has another very beautiful gift of prayer, which she uses well in assisting the release of energy and in helping to step into greater light and truth. Her heart is pure, and she is filled with the Love of God. She is a delight to work with and one of my personal confidants. Because of her compassion and intuition, I safely trust in her ability to lead and guide along “the healing journey.”


You’ll feel spoiled when you have a session with Brenda!! She not only has amazing intuitive gifts, but she goes over the top to help you in any way she can. She is able to detect so many issues and get to the bottom of others. She’s a remarkable and gifted practitioner and highly recommend her!!”


April 10, 2022

I started seeing Brenda on 1-17-2022 for the Healing Blueprint Sessions. I really didn’t know what to expect. During the last twelve weeks we have identified and, in most cases, have improved upon both the spiritual and the physical manifestations in my life. I am more confident and feel that my body, both spiritually and physically, is healing.

About three weeks ago, I started our session with a migraine. I was having trouble even sitting looking at the computer, and I shut the light off at my desk. As we started our session, Brenda was praying, and Christ opened the veil on my closed eyes and allowed me to watch as he lifted the tallit off of his forehead. I could see Christ’s eyes and forehead. Christ put his forehead on mine and the migraine was completely gone. I did not have a migraine any longer. As I looked into Christ’s eyes, they are very beautiful and kind, and they penetrated right through my eyes. I was healed of the migraine completely. I have not had a migraine since that day.

Each session I have been in with Brenda helps heal a portion of me that I didn’t know needed [to be] healed. She has the gift of listening and discerning what the Lord is telling her on the client’s behalf. And I would recommend her services on the Healing Blueprint to others.



I can speak to the professionalism and unconditional positive regard displayed by Brenda. She can listen compassionately and ask questions that create sacred space (this is one of the most important tasks for a healing professional). I was able to meet with Jesus face to face and see how He was healing me. This was important as it brought an issue that I was stuck in.

She can ask strategic questions as a way to unpack blockages. This was also very helpful to me.

I continue to walk in this healing, even if there are sometimes hiccups along the way.

I connected to the positive affirmations and truth (via scripture) that were a part of my identity.

I would highly recommend Brenda to continue with this ministry. It is sorely needed, and Brenda is used by God to impact peoples’ lives.


I have been working with Brenda for the past 6 weeks. Prior to working with Brenda, I had been under spiritual direction for 4 years. I can honestly say that Brenda has helped uncover and clear more spiritual woundedness in 6 weeks than what we tried to accomplish in 4 years. Not only is she able to discern what issues are important to pursue, she is also able to perceive the age or circumstance that holds a memory that has negatively impacted my self-image. Brenda has helped me understand the events that have created negative belief systems or “triggers”, and then replaced it with spiritual truths and affirmations. Also, understanding the event from all angles has given me added insight into all those involved. With that has come the desire to reconcile, either to forgive or ask forgiveness. I am profoundly grateful for the work Brenda is doing in my life. Each healed memory brings me closer to accepting who I really am – in God’s eyes. I highly recommend her work.


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