“Vision to See What You Cannot See”

One day while Ron and I were in Florida, we visited Myakka State Park. As we entered “Canopy Trail Head” there were groups of people, some with guides and others hiking on their own. We walked ahead and came to a wooden tower. There were about 30 flights of stairs that led to a slender wooden swinging bridge and up another 30–50 flights of stairs to the top of the second tower. At the very top, as we looked down, all we could see was a green canopy, like a lush green carpet. Nowhere could you see the ground or the people, they were completely hidden as if they never existed.

Ron & Brenda in Myakka River State Park, Florida.

Brenda at the Canopy Trail Head in Myakka River State Park, Florida.

The Lord spoke to my mind in a way I can not deny, “You must pray for the vision to see what you can not see.” The Holy Spirit was so strong. The Lord then took me in vision, through the trees, layer after layer I saw the people and the animals, then the plants and grass, then the bugs on the ground, the worms and the creatures living deep in the soil. I asked the Lord, “What are you showing me?” He then took me into the human body, and I heard the words repeated, “You must pray for the vision to see what you can not see.” He began to open up my eyes to understanding.

I told Ron that underneath that canopy of green is a whole other world, such as with the ocean, and it is time to see what we cannot see. We prayed together, and the Holy Spirit hovered and stayed present for several hours as the Lord continued to open my mind up and teach me about the many dangers to our bodies that we can not see, like mold, EMF’s glyphosate, plastics, heavy metals and so much more. We must pray for the vision to see what we cannot see and understand how it is affecting our physical and spiritual being. I feel this is just the beginning of deeper healing through a new set of eyes and understanding.

Brenda VanFleet April 2018