Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neuro­feedback covered by insurance?

Neuro­feedback is self-regulation “Brain Training”. It is not a treatment, so insurance companies will not cover the fees under medical procedures. Upon payment a receipt will be provided that may be submitted to the insurance company by the individual.

Why Haven’t I heard of Neuro­feedback Before? Is it New?

Neuro­feedback or EEG biofeedback has been used successfully in many situations for over 40 years. Research has shown significant efficacy for a number of conditions. With technology advancements, instrumentation has been simplified to provide Neuro­feedback Clinicians a variety of “Brain Training” choices.

“[Neuro­feedback] should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used.”
Dr. Frank Duffy, Professor and Pediatric Neurologist at Harvard Medical School

Are there things I can do to prepare for neuro­feedback?

Everyone knows that going to the gym and working out, then indulging in junk foods is not going to be as effective as if they ate healthy. Brain training shares the same understanding. To get the most out of your neurofeedback training it is important that you drink plenty of water, about ½ your body weight in ounces and eat healthy, balanced meals with protein and get the proper amount of sleep for your age. Then you can be more assured that you and your brain are invested in changing.

“Neuro­feedback Guidelines for Parents”  by Ed Jacobs

How many sessions are needed?

Neuro­feedback training is much like muscle training. You may notice a difference even after one session, but it may not last. Results typically occur between the first and tenth session. In many cases, a minimum of 30-40 sessions are recommended for the change to become an established pattern. By challenging the brain, much as you challenge your body in physical exercise, we can help your brain learn to function better. The goal is to complete enough brain training and enough learning to ensure consistent and lasting benefits.

How long is a neuro­feedback session?

Session times will vary from 20 minutes to an hour. The length of time we train your brain depends on your brain’s response and tolerance.

What can I expect at a neurofeedback session?

During neurofeedback session, generally sensors are first placed on the scalp and a set of ear clips are attached. They are connected to sensitive electronics and computer software that detect, amplify, and record specific brain activity. The software processes the signal and provides the proper feedback in an audio/visual form.

How will I feel after a session?

Some patients report feeling more relaxed and focused after a session, but others may not feel any differently at first.

Are the results of neurofeedback permanent?

Research over the past 40 years strongly suggests that the brain will continue to use its new capabilities. Heavy stress, or a life-changing event like death or divorce may retrigger symptoms, but fewer neurofeedback sessions are needed to return the brain to efficiency.

How many sessions should I expect?

Typically a minimum of 30-40 sessions are needed to establish new and healthier brain wave patterns that will last.

How many times per week should I train?

Like any exercise program, to get better results consistency is important. Typically brain training is recommended 2-3 times per week.

How does neuro­feedback differ from the other brain training programs available?

There are many ways to learn new mind related skills. Certain games may increase your response time or even memory. Neurofeedback is the only brain training that enables you to see your moment to moment brain wave patterns. By feeding this information back to the brain the brain has the opportunity to change those brain wave patterns to get the feedback response. With consistency of brain training the brain can then retain the new, healthier brain wave patterns.

Are there any contraindications for neurofeedback?

There are no known contraindications.

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