Directed Wellness Center Pricing

Health Coaching
15 Minute Health Consult
Let’s talk about you and how we can help you on your journey.
(Limit One per Client)
55 Minute Health Consultation
Introduction to our 6 Month Program or schedule for support and assistance on your journey.
6 Month Program
We will meet 2 x monthly (55- Minutes) face to face or online to evaluate and discuss the next steps in your journey to improved health and wellness.
Detox Footbath
One session (50 minutes) $65

Rental/Lease Programs
Take our equipment home with you!
Heart Math HRV Lease 28 Days Unlimited Sessions $30
NeurOptimal  System Lease 30 Days Unlimited Sessions and Unlimited Users $950

Buy Our Equipment for Yourself!
WAVwatch $497
NeurOptimal (Personal/Professional) $7000/$10500
ClearLight Infrared Sauna (custom)
Platinum Energy Systems (custom)
Neurofeedback Free 15 minutes Consultation: The first step in determining the potential benefits of neurofeedback training is to schedule an initial consultation. We will discuss your needs and how NeurOptimal and Traditional NFB can help.

NeurOptimal Initial Assessment: During this 1 ½ to 2-hour session, we will discuss your concerns, history related to your training needs and expectations for training. NeurOptimal, Heart Rate Variability, and Online Symptom Tracking will be introduced. (Initial Assessment fee is $200 and is optional for In-Home training with NeurOptimal.)

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback: At the completion of your NeurOptimal Initial Assessment, all subsequent 45 minute appointments may be set up, to ensure availability of preferred times. (Each session fee is $75 or designated package price.)

Traditional Neurofeedback: Brain mapping is necessary prior to initiating Traditional NFB. QEEG brain mapping from alternative sources may be utilized, however, we offer 11 site Brain Mapping. 11 site Brain Mapping requires approximately 2 hours to complete. After the evaluation, subsequent Neurofeedback sessions can be scheduled. They may be scheduled in blocks of 15 and should be done at least twice weekly. All subsequent Traditional NFB sessions will be one hour (Each session is $100 or designated package price.)

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Credit Card (with an added fee), PayPal
Ask about our financing option: Advance Care