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Directed Wellness Center Fees and Neurofeedback Assessment

Fee Agreement-Polices-Consent for Traditional NeurOptimal Training
Fee Agreement Polices and Consent for Traditional NeurOptimal Training – LARGE PRINT

NFB = Neurofeedback, BEMER = Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation, HRV = Heart Rate Variability

Session Fees
One session NFB$75
One session BEMER$35
One session of NFB with BEMER$105
Package Fees
10 session BEMER package fee (save $50)$300
10 session NFB package fee with BEMER (save $50)$1,000
15 session NFB package fee with BEMER (save $100)$1,475
Other Fees
Initial Assessment includes Intro to HRV, BEMER, and 1st NFB$200
Brain Mapping
11 Site EEG Evaluation$500
Equipment Lease/Sale
NeurOptimal Lease 28 Days/Unlimited Sessions$1000
BEMER Lease 6 Days/Unlimited Sessions$300
Heart Mass HRV Lease 28 Days/Unlimited Session$30

Fees to be paid at time of services.

Cash, Check or Credit Card accepted (credit card accepted with added charge).

Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be expected to pay full price unless you provide 24 business hours advance notice of cancellation. Please be considerate of your clinician as well as other clients.

Currently, neurofeedback is not typically reimbursed by insurance companies. We can provide you with a receipt for your payment that contains the information necessary, to file with your insurance company if you wish.

If you wish to discuss other arrangements, please talk with your provider.

Neurofeedback Assessment

Initial Assessment

The first step in determining the potential for using neurofeedback training is to schedule an initial consultation. During this 1 ½ – 2 hour session, we will discuss your concerns, history related to your training needs and expectations for training. Heart Rate Variability and other biofeedback modalities may be introduced. (Initial Assessment fee is $200)

Dynamical Neurofeedback

Dynamical Neurofeedback-Initial Assessment will include your first neurofeedback training session. Subsequent appointments may be set up at the conclusion of this appointment. (Each session fee is $75)

Traditional Neurofeedback

Traditional Neurofeedback will require brain mapping before neurofeedback training sessions are begun. The cost will vary with the number of sites determined to be evaluated. (Each session fee is $75)

Evaluation, Testing and Brain Map

It is desirable to complete testing without any stimulants, if you are able to discontinue caffeine for 5 days prior to testing, this is optimal. If you or your child are on stimulants (such as Ritalin, Concerta, Dexadrine, or Adderal), testing can be done in the morning before the morning dose is taken. Also, please wash and dry your hair within 12 hours of the evaluation so that the electrodes will adhere properly during the brain map.
($500 for 11 site evaluation)

Neurofeedback Sessions

After the evaluation, the Neurofeedback sessions can then be scheduled. They may be scheduled in blocks of 15 and should be done at least twice weekly.

Some individuals will begin to notice changes after just a few sessions, but one should expect to undergo at least 40 sessions. Improvements should be noticed around 20 sessions, but continued sessions may be necessary to sustain desired improvements.

In some complex cases, notable benefits may require more sessions.

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