Traditional Neurofeedback utilizes the skill and expertise of a Licensed Neurofeedback Clinician.

Positive reinforcements and inhibits are established on the computer by the clinician and training is based on the ability of the client to work within the set parameters. These sessions, appropriately targeted and administered, encourages the brain to be more effective in all areas of its mental functioning abilities. You learn to control your brain, instead of your brain controlling you!

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

The process of Traditional Neurofeedback begins with a Brain Mapping Appointment. At Directed Wellness Center we offer an 11 site brain mapping. A traditional neurofeedback clinician then assesses priorities for the brain training session and the desired change. Each subsequent session will be utilizing the data obtained through this initial Brain Mapping as well as current brain activity. These proven scientific processes are implemented through multiple, non-invasive “brain training” appointments. During these sessions, a Certified Neurofeedback Clinician administers and monitors the self-regulation protocols to assure quality results which can lead to noticeable, long-lasting, positive results. With traditional neurofeedback, because everyone is different, there is always the potential for side effects.

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